Leon Kesler - Personal Trainer Tel-Aviv Area

I offer a workout designed for you that will push you just hard enough to get the results you've been looking for. You will achieve your goals during your exclusive one-on-one personal training sessions

with me.


Let's meet and let me see what I can do for you! I will be able to teach, coach, advise, supervise, and support you in any means possible so that you'll be able to accomplish your goals!

Looking for Tel-Aviv personal trainer? My Name is Leon Kesler I am a personal fitness trainer in Tel-Aviv area. I am a certified fitness trainer from Wingate Institute. I studied for my M.A. in Physical Education at the Wingate Institute with a major of life science. In addition, I studied for my B.A. in Physical Education in the Seminar Hakibutzim Institute with a major of correct posture and functional training.


I have taken courses such as Sports Nutrition, Physiology of Fitness, Human Anatomy, and Biomechanics of Physical Activity which allows me to not only understand what muscle are needed to be targeted with a certain exercise, but also to know what is going on inside the body in regards to energy needs and joint movement and stability.

So, if you are looking for fitness Tel-Aviv you have reached the right place. I also speak three languages: English,Russian and Hebrew.


My phone number: (+972) - 50 - 7922434




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